Thank you, for all that you have done to assist us this year. You have made everything a smooth process. That is the way that business should be done. I REALLY APPRECIATE it. I have such a headache with other vendors with their invoicing and retrieving packing slips and most of them are not willing to work with me. I have to continually follow-up with them in order to expedite the payment. That is such a burden, but it comes with the job. You are a delight. I enjoy working with you and I pray that the others will adopt your mentality.
- Lisa M.  (Legal Office Administrator)

You are the best & you make it so easy for me.
- Debbie M.  (Office Manager)

You're soooooo good! Yes, that is what I would like. Thank you very much! It is a pleasure working with you.
- Eileen Y.  (Administrator at a Non-Profit)

I think you offer a good product at a great price. I appreciate your timeliness and your follow up. You have a loyal customer in me.
- Lisa M.  (Owner of a Vision Center)

I chose Re-Ink for our firm because it was a local business, which insured my orders would be delivered more quickly, and because they had a quality product at very competitive prices. Re-Ink has consistently beaten the price estimates I have received from other toner companies. Re-Ink's refill toners last a month or more...longer than supposedly "new" toners I have received from other companies. I know that if I haven't been paying attention to my supply of toner and I run out in the middle of the day I can count on Re-Ink to personally hand deliver toner that same day if I am in a bind.
Re-Ink's service goes above and beyond anything I've experienced with other companies. Dave comes through in a pinch whenever I need him to and that's the kind of customer service I know I can count on with Re-Ink.
Thanks for the great service and keep up the good work!
- Theresa G.  (Law Office Manager)

I want to reiterate what I have expressed in past e-mails regarding your products and service.
When I first started with my company, I had not heard of Re-Ink.  My philosophy is to use current vendors and contractors before making any changes.  So I gave Re-Ink a try.
I was very impressed with how easy it is to use Re-ink.  All I have to do is e-mail you with my needs and you respond immediately as to an ETA on my requested products.  I have found that I save at least 50% from using new timers and cartridges purchased from an office supply chain.  Even with the numerous printers and faxes that I have to buy supplies for, I have only had once incident of a faulty cartridge in three years! You immediately responded with a replacement by personally dropping it off at my office.  I have had to return bad NEW cartridges to retail stores, taking up my time, and not getting nearly the quality of customer service that I get with Re-Ink.
So, I get good service, can e-mail in my orders, receive quick delivery and use your easy postage paid process for my returns, and I have a "greener" office due to you recycling of toner and printer cartridges.
I have recommended Re-ink to many people and companies as an efficient and cost-effective method to buying printing supplies.
- Vivian M.  (Regional Manager of Housing Corporation)

Our firm chose Re-Ink to handle all of our ink and toner needs for a number of reasons.  First of all, we are a small firm that broke off from a larger firm in Downtown Denver.  The larger firm used Re-Ink for their toner needs, and recommended Re-Ink to us.  Another reason is that we wanted to be "green" and help lessen the carbon footprint by recycling and supporting local recycling companies.
I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about using recycled toner cartridges.  In the past, my experience was that the recycled or reconditioned cartridges ran out faster and did not provide a very good quality of printing.  During the past several months working with Re-Ink, I have only had one occasion where a toner cartridge failed, and it was replaced the very next day.
The quality of Re-Ink's customer service is outstanding.  That means a lot in today's world where good customer service is hard to come by.  Dave Waldman has been there for me at times where I was in a difficult situation with an unknown shortage of our supply of cartridges.  He is always prompt and courteous, and I know if I'm in a pickle, I can count on Dave to help me.
I highly recommend Re-Ink to anyone with ink and toner cartridge needs.  In today's world, who doesn't need ink and toner?
- Cheryle B.  (Legal Assistant/Office Manager)

I really appreciate your excellent customer service. It is nice to have someone out there that is good to their customers and takes care of them. :)
- Julie S.  (Operations Assistant)

We received the toner today and it works perfectly! Thank you for your superior customer service!
- Dana N.  (Office Manager)

You are absolutely amazing!!! There just aren't enough words to say "Thank You" for all you do, for your support and understanding that makes our ordering less stressful. And, you understand our "language" of ordering even when it's not clear to us.
- Janine S.  (Office Manager)

I really appreciate your prompt service and commitment to quality!! That is so refreshing!!!
- Ramona C.  (Business Owner)

Thank you so much for all your terrific service throughout the years (Wow, it's been years now!).
- Kimberly M.  (Business Owner)

I put the two HP 60XL cartridges in late last night and all is working perfectly now. Honesty, that was truly excellent customer service and obviously I will continue to buy through you and will pass your company contact info on to others when the opportunity arises.
- Bruce S.  (Business Owner)

Wow - you are awesome!!! Thanks for your help.
- Bonnie B.  (Office Manager)

Thank you so much. You are just wonderful to work with.
- Priscilla M.  (Insurance Agent)

We should call you "superman" thanks for the quick response!
- Marie P.  (Business Owner)

I so appreciate your prompt service. I plan to continue to order from you for our printing cartridges. You have excellent customer service!
- Patricia M.  (Non-Profit Office Manager)

We received the cartridges, labels and invoice. THANK YOU! We bought a Xerox machine 5 years ago and had been struggling w/ their concierge service - which supposedly tracks cartridge use and then email you when you are low on toner....while great in theory, Xerox never had the ability to follow through. And then we would have deadlines and be out of ink. I'm SO HAPPY to have discovered your service. Local, green with amazing customer service....SO THANKS! We'll spread the word!
- Heather N.  (Business Owner)

Thank you so very much. You have gone above and beyond to assist us -it's much appreciated!
- Glenda K.  (Insurance Agency Owner)

I really appreciate you responding to my needs so quickly. You make my job much easier.
- Juanita S.  (Office Manager)

Dude you rock, that's awesome, if things go as you say, you gained a client for life, and I will bring you all my agents too.
- Haytham A.  (Regional Manager Insurance Agencies)

I have been very happy with both the quality of products and service offered by Re-Ink. My office goes through a great deal of toner, so the initial attraction was simply the economics of using remanufactured toner cartridges, coupled with a skepticism of these cartridges.
Thankfully, both the quality and performance has been nothing short of outstanding, for each of the printers we use, across Brother and HP models. Because of the quality, performance and the service, Re-Ink is my exclusive provider for toner cartridges.
- Diane S.  (Office Manager Health Insurance Provider)

We were in a position where we were printing up a brief to take to court with a deadline, when our primary printer suddenly ran out of toner. We called Re-Ink, and within 2 hours a representative had arrived with a new cartridge and we were able to finish printing our brief. RE-INK SAVES THE DAY!!!! Thanks again!
- Jay R.  (LLM, JD)

Initially we were concerned about using a remanufactured cartridge, but after speaking with Re-Ink and informed about the 100% guarantee they offer, we decided to give them a try, and we have been thrilled with the results. The results have been outstanding, in fact if we didn't know better, we would simply assume the print came from a HP branded cartridge, not a remanufactured cartridge.
- Carl R.,  (iModerate, Inc.)

You are absolutely amazing and always on top of all service related to our office.
– Amy H.  (Office Manager – Tyler, TX)

  Dave's customer service at Re-Ink is nothing like I have ever experienced. He goes above and beyond with everything. UPS delayed my shipment, he personally called them and had them deliver it next day. I would HIGHLY recommend Dave and Re-Ink to anyone. Secondly, I checked out online without knowing there was a corporate discount code, he refunded me the discount the next day. Wonderful guy!
– Zach C.  (Small business owner – Winston Salem, NC)

  Thank you Dave,  I am already impressed with how you conduct business! 
- Rick W.  (Small Business Owner – Phoenix, AZ)

  Thanks for being so great to work with!
– Shawn R.  (Small Business Owner – Overland Park, KS)

  Excellent service as usual.
– Gavan B  (Small Business Owner – Weatherford, OK)

  Thanks for the quick response! You're awesome!
– Vema R.  (Office Manager – Cypress, CA)

  WOW!  May I say I am very impressed with the level of customer service your company and you offer.  Just on a whim I thought I would ask you if you’ve heard of that happening, I was really thinking it was just a fluke.  Thank you SO VERY MUCH for going above and beyond. 
– Brenda K.  (Business Owner – Butler, PA)

  Thank you! The customer service I've experienced with you has always been superior. I am grateful.
– Lori K  (Minneapolis, MN)

  My cartridges got here yesterday and my printer is now working! Thank you so much for your help & promptness.
– Yvonne M.  (Non-Profit Executive Director – Denver, CO)

  You caught me talking about how you set a reasonable expectation and overdeliver on it  😊
– Bobby R.  (Office Manager – Denver, CO)

  Thank you for your amazing customer service. That was above and beyond that you hand delivered those ink cartridges to us today.
– Kyle C.  (Office Manager – Denver)

  Per usual, your customer service is stellar.
– Katie K.  (Non Profit Executive Director – Napa, CA)

  Thank you – I appreciate your taking care of this for me.  I like your approach to business.
– Ken G.  (CPA – Marshall, TX)

  Thank you!!! You are always on the ball, I appreciate it!!!! 
- Neely D.  (CPA – Roswell, GA)

  Perfect!!! As always you guys are just too easy to work with. Thanks again
– Bruce M.  (Office Manager – Atlanta, GA)

  Thank you so much for your prompt attention to us – it’s greatly appreciated!
– Phil P.  (Office Manager – Chicago, IL)

  Thanks again Dave … you’ve made the process simple and easy.  Looking forward to getting these swapped out and continuing to do more business in the future.  The guarantee of the quality is very important to me as well and I’m pleased to hear that if any issues arise then you would handle it with satisfaction.
– Michael S.  (Law Firm Administrator – Boston, MA)
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