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Initially we were concerned about using a remanufactured cartridge, but after speaking with Re-Ink and informed about the 100% guarantee they offer, we decided to give them a try, and we have been thrilled with the results. The results have been outstanding… In fact, if we didn't know better, we would simply assume the print came from a HP branded cartridge, not a remanufactured cartridge.
Carl R., Broomfield, Colorado

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What Exactly is a Remanufactured Ink Cartridge?

Simply put a remanufactured printer cartridge is a cartridge that has been collected from consumers and businesses and brought back to OEM specifications. This is done by disassembling, cleaning, and replacing any parts showing even minimal wear-and-tear. Once these cartridges have been restored to the original OEM specifications, they are then filled with high-quality toner (for laser printers) or ink (for inkjet printers).

After the cartridge has been filled with the toner or ink, the cartridge is then tested prior to shipment to the customer to ensure print quality and cartridge performance. It’s great for the environment and great for your business too.

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If I use a Cartridge from Re-Ink, Will it Void my Printer's Warranty or Hurt the Printer?

Absolutely not. This is a common misconception and the printer manufacturers have not done much to educate businesses. (Because they don’t profit from the truth.) Can an auto manufacturer dictate what brand of gasoline you use or what brand of tires you put on your car? No, and the same holds true for printer manufacturers and the cartridges you use in the printers.

The remanufactured cartridge is nothing more than a recycled OEM cartridge. All you have to do as a business is select the correct remanufactured cartridge that is designed and meant for your specific printer.

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